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Oil Filters

Powerful performance.

The oil circuit is of central importance here, as only clean engine oil can permanently ensure consistent engine performance. If the circulating oil is not permanently freed of impurities and combustion residues, protection from wear is no longer guaranteed.

HENNIK Oil Filters are designed for modern high-performance oils
and can stand up to even the most demanding technical challenges. 


Thanks to outstanding dirt holding capacity, high material resistance and a filter fineness perfectly matched to the relevant vehicle model, our filter inserts can cope with intensive use and deliver superb results.
The most modern filter media prolong service intervals and will continue to meet the technical requirements of high-performance engines in future.

Through the integration of additional functions or features, the cost effectiveness and range of functions of the filter elements can be increased further, e.g. by using a non-return membrane: the membrane retains the engine oil in the oil module as soon as the engine stops.



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